The equipment maintenance and cleansing protocol specifically exists in order to ensure both full hygiene and safety of our equipment destined for rental and aimed at our “PARENTS/CHILDREN” customers.




Since the end users of our childcare equipment happen to be babies and small children, they are therefore prone to be more affected by various germs and bacteria than adults are. LOCATENDRE believes the efforts geared towards the cleansing our childcare rental equipment is of paramount importance. This cleansing and maintenance protocol applied to our equipment is followed to the letter, as it is the guarantor of the reliability and quality of our rental service.


General enforcement of measures applied to equipment rental return:


1 – Thorough cleansing of all equipment (incuding frames, dust sheets and/or covers, wheels)

2 – Checking of good working condition.

3 – Follow-up and classic maintenance.


1 – The cleansing process:


This is carried out following recommendation featured on the equipment specifications sheet handed by the manufacturer. In all circumstances, the necessary and recommended cleaning products to be used are: water, Marseille soap bar, non-detergent washing powder.


All loose fittings and covers attached to our equipment: pushchairs, prams, car seats, hammocks, cushions … are cleaned using washing machines at a temperature recommended by the manufacturer (should there be no counter indication) following each rental return.


For all equipment not featuring loose fittings and covers, steam cleansing is recommended using a machine which both cleans and disinfects without using any additives.


If more thorough cleansing is needed, it is best to use a “ well-known brand disinfectant detergent” combined to a cloth duster or a to be used once only paper rag. Apply or spray detergent, leave it in contact during the length of time recommended by the manufacturer, leave to dry, or rinse to eliminate any undesirable detergent stains. Before starting, it is important to check that the detergent is not detrimental to the equipment as a whole or to the specific part to be cleaned.


Maximum care should be taken when dealing with bed or pram mattresses. In the near future, LOCATENDRE envisages the use of inflatable mattresses featuring a cotton cover sheet for high temperature washing machine cleansing.


2 – Checking of good working condition:


Once equipment cleansing and drying is over, it is checked to ensure it is in good working condition. All elements are checked and tested for obvious safety reasons.


For all equipment featuring wheels, specific maintenance is carried out according to manufacturer recommendation.


If results are satisfactory, our equipment is stored and once again ready for rental.



3 – Follow-up and classic maintenance:


Should specific maintenace or the change of a spare part be necessary, this will be carried out at the earliest. Following thorough maintenance and new checking of its working condition, all equipment is stored and ready for traditional rental.


Upon customer reservation, the desired equipment is once again customer labelled and ready for rental at planned date and time.

Prior to rental, the customer should have no doubts about the hygiene and safety of equipment ready for his or her baby’s comfort. LOCATENDRE therefore has a duty to follow each step of this cleansing process, which is the guarantor of the reliability and quality of our rental service.