Article 1 – Business:

LOCATENDRE rents well-known brands of childcare equipment. Maximum rental duration is 4 renewable weeks.


Article 2 – Equipment:

LOCATENDRE commits itself to rent childcare equipment in perfect working condition in conformity with current European hygiene and safety standards. All rented equipment comes with its manufacturer specifications sheet, for safety reasons.


Article 3 – Equipment cleansing and maintenance:

LOCATENDRE commits itself to fully respect all cleansing and maintenance protocol obligations, following manufacturer rencommendation. Upon rental return, all equipment and corresponding items are cleansed and checked by our specialists.. All equipment is stored inside clean and healthy premises.


Article 4 – Opening hours:

LOCATENDRE is open 365 days a year, by appointment only.


Article 5 – Rates:

Rates and fixed-price contracts on offer are inclusive of tax and validated for current calendar year according to type of equipment rented and rental duration. No reduction or increase will be applied to these rates without the explicit agreement of LOCATENDRE management.


Article 6 – Terms of payment-reservation :

This contract and order form must be signed and dated both by LOCATENDRE and the customer for rental validation. Payment is carried out on presentation of ID, either when ordering or upon delivery, by cheque or cash for the time being (credit card payment will be available as soon as possible).


Article 7 – Terms of rental:

LOCATENDRE commits itself to honour all orders, at the latest 48 hours prior to availability of ordered items. A 20% deposit payment inclusive of tax is compulsory for all equipment rented. In all other cases, rental will only be effective in accordance with available stock. Presentation of ID is also compulsory. Security deposit is calculated accoring to equipment purchase value. Rental comes into effect upon rental contract signature when equipment is in perfect working condition as assessed by the customer. In case of any problem or return of equipment before the date fixed by contract, no refund will be possible and full rental rates will be invoiced to the customer. Both equipment made available and its return takes place at our office or at the address agreed and validated during reservation.


Article 8 – Security deposit:

A security deposit, calculated according to the purchase price of all rented equipment is paid by the customer when signing his or her rental contract. LOCATENDRE commits itself not to cash this security deposit and restore it to the customer upon the return of equipment, following checking of item(s) brought back. The customer will pay for all returned damaged equipment.


Article 9 – Delivery, cost, transport and equipment retrieval:

All deliveries are carried out by appointment at a time period fixed during reservation. LOCATENDRE invoices a fixed-price rate of 10 euros TTC for Bordeaux city centre, 17 euros for the CUB (outer Bordeaux and its suburbs). For the Arcachon basin and within a 60 km radius around Bordeaux, a fixed-price rate of 30 euros is asked. In the case of customer absence or any delay without advance notification, a 5 euro surcharge will be invoiced per hour late. Should the customer not give any news, and beyond a two hour wait, delivery will be carried out at a later date.


Article 10 – Availability of equipment:

When signing rental contract, the customer acknowledges having been provided with his or her selected equipment along with manufacturer specifications sheet. All equipment is spotless and in full working condition and the customer acknowledges having received recommendations for its correct use. All rented equipment remaining non distrainable property of LOCATENDRE, it is strictly forbidden to part with any item of equipment, either by selling it, subrenting it, or giving it away for free.


Article 11 – Use:

The customer is under the obligation to protect all equipment he or she has rented against any damage or theft. Upon the return of equipment, LOCATENDRE will check both the state of item(s) returned and sartisfactory working condition. Should any item be returned incomplete or damaged (holes, knocks, dents, missing safety strap…), a lump sum will be fixed and invoiced to the customer for all necessary repairs. If any item of equipment is out of order and its safety mechanisms damaged, the security deposit will be cashed by LOCATENDRE in full.


Article 12 – Return of equipment:

This takes place at office opening hours, by appointment as indicated on the rental contract, validated by both contractors. It is the customer’s duty to inform LOCATENDRE of any delay concerning return of equipment. Following an 8-day delay period without customer notification, non-returned equipment will be considered as having become customer property, and the security deposit will be cashed by LOCATENDRE in full.


Article 13 – Restrictive clauses in LOCATENDRE liability:

a) Accidents: when signing the rental contract, it is expressly stipulated that all equipment becomes possession of the customer. In the event of an accident having arisen to him or herself, any third party or his or her posessions, the customer will be fully liable for his or her actions and abandon all recourse against LOCATENDRE.

b) Theft – Loss: the customer is fully responsible for all rented equipment during full duration of rental. In case of theft or loss of rented equipment, LOCATENDRE disclaims all responsibility and the security deposit will be cashed in full.


Article 14 – Jurisdiction:

In the case of any objection or dispute, the competent jurisdiction will be that of the LOCATENDRE head office.


Article 15 – Customer commitment:

When signig his or her rental contract or order form, the customer acknowledges having been informed of its clauses and accept them under no reservations.